Norwegian Association of Orthodontists (NKF)

A specialist association founded in 1953

What does an orthodontist do?

Orthodontology is a specialised field within the dentist-occupation which entails treatment for- and prevention of improper placement of teeth and jaw bones by using tools like braces and methods like operations.

An orthodontic treatment normally lasts one to two years but can vary according to the magnitude of the required treatment.

Professional organisation

NKF is an under-association of NTF (Association of Dentists) and consists of dentists who specialise themselves within orthodontics. We are a professional organisation that focuses on maintaining high international standards with all Norwegian orthodontists. We regularly hold courses and conventions for all our members each year. We invite orthodontists and medical professionals from all over the world to lecture at our events and social gatherings.

A Community for Orthodontists

Our membership base today makes up nearly all Norwegian orthodontists and our goal is to have everyone as members of our association. Orthodontists are usually spread out all over the country and normally don’t have regular interactions with nearby colleagues. Our association acts as a community which closely knits all orthodontists together and creates an arena where we can share our knowledge, experiences and advance the orthodontic field as a whole throughout Norway.

Close Cooperation with Associations, the Ministry of Health and Universities

Contact with universities

NKF cooperates and maintains close contact with different universities in Oslo, Bergen and Tromsø. To maintain and pass down knowledge to the younger generations is a cornerstone of our association.

Professional development

Our board is in constant communication with the Norwegian Health Ministry and NTF as representatives of our field. New methods and treatments for our patients are being developed constantly both in Norway and internationally. This is why it is important for us to cooperate with the health ministry, NTF as well as international associations of orthodontists.

We Support
our members

The advantages of being a member of our association are many. Our priority is to maintain the rights of our members. We give our members the professional and social community they need to develop their own personal skills and knowledge. We hold different courses and events where all our members can sign up and attend. All our members can trust that NKF is firmly in their corner.

Become a member today, remember that you have to be a member of the dentist association to join NKF.