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Tema: “Modern approach to Class II treatment”

A Class II is a traditional orthodontic term that reflects the occlusocentric classification of malocclusions. Historically orthodontics has focused on
correcting the occlusion. In order to obtain the occlusal goals specific appliances have been used and as a consequence Class II mechanics and
functional appliances have been described. However if the malocclusion is considered in the context of the face, Class II is no longer an homogenous entity where can always use the same appliances or mechanics, and correction of a Class II is no longer that simple. The increased overjet and antero-posterior (AP) relationship of the buccal segments define only the presence of an occlusal problem but the face should dictate the direction of the treatment plan, not the occlusion. In today’s orthodontic environment ther are many possibilities for treatment and we should take into account all those that are currently available. The orthodontist can help the pationt make the correct decision and this should be based on predictability, cohenrence and cost/benefits. Thus a contemporary approach for the treatment Class II should take into account.

- The skeletal growth pattern and recognize as early as possible situations that cannot be treated with a routine orthodontic-orthopaedic approach and defining a logical treatment from the mixed dentition to adulthood.

- Vertical problems that often are more relevant that AP problems and limit the possibilities of a successful orthodontic solution and surgery should not be considered as the last option to correct severe occlusal problems but as
a feasibe option to obtain correct function and aesthetics. This option should be presented at an early age to avoid unnecessary orthodontic treatment.

- In this perspective in problematic cases we should consider an option that goes beyond camouflage and surgery and that is “limited treatment”.

Domingo Martin:
  • B.A. University of Southern California. 
  • M.D. University of Bilbao
  • D.D.S. University of Bilbao
  • Master in Orthodontics University of Valencia
  • Diploma Foundation for Bioesthetic Dentistry 2004-2006 
  • Active Member Angle Society of Europe
  • Juan Carol Prize for Best Presentation at the S.E.D.O.(Spanish Society of Orthodontics) 1991 
  • President of the S.E.D.O. Meeting (Spanish Society of Orthodontics) 2000 San Sebastián 
  • Diplomate of the European Society of Orthodontics (2008) 
  • Director of Roth-Williams Center for Functional Occlusion - Spain and Portugal 
  • President of Roth-Williams International Society of Orthodontics 
  • Visiting Professor - International University of Catalunya - Barcelona Orthodontic Department 
  • Visiting Professor University Complutense of Madrid - Department

Domingo Martín has given courses and conferences in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, China, England, Austria, Israel, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, India, Turkey, Dubai (U.A.R.), Japan and USA.

He has a private practice limited to orthodontics in San Sebastian, Spain.

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