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Clarion Hotel & Congress i Trondheim

Fredag 23. oktober

09:00-10:00Dr. Elie W. Amm: "in-house Lingual everyday keeps the lab away".
10:00-10:30Pause med dentalutstilling
10:30-11:30Dr. Ronald Jonkman: Ideal Smile Aligner
11:30-12:00Pause med dentalutstilling
12:00-13:00Tore Grøtholm: seniorrådgiver/advokat NPE
14:00-14:45Per Lüdemann (Helsedirektoratet)
14:45-15:15Pause med dentalutstilling
15:15-16:15Dr. Screeram Kumar: Invisalign

Lørdag 22. oktober

09:00-10:00Dr. L. Fernandez: “Incognito: orthodontics has changed”
10:00-10:45Pause med dentalutstilling
10:45-11:15Christina Hvaring, PhD-kandidat (UiO): "Hvordan går det med agenesipasienter henvist til Eksperttjenesten?"
11:15-11:45Ann John: ”Useful tools in the Orthodontists toolbox”
13:00Avsluttende lunsj

Elie W. Amm (Libanon) • Clinical Assistant, Saint Joseph University, School of Dental Medicine, Department of Orthodontics, Beirut, Lebanon. (September, 2007 to date)
• 1998-2001: Saint Joseph University - Beirut, Lebanon
o Master of Sciences in Orthodontics (DES - Diplôme d’Etudes Supérieures en Orthodontie)
• Instructor, Charles H. Tweed International Foundation. Tuscon, AZ
• Affiliate member, E.H. Angle Society
• Reviewer, AJODO
• Scientific correspondent for Forestadent, Germany 
Ronald Jonkman (Nederland)Dr. Ronald Jonkman, assistant Professor and later associate Professor at the Catholic University of Nijmegen (now Radboud University) The Netherlands, from 1985-1994.
Dr. Ronald Jonkman received his PhD degree at the Catholic University of Nijmegen
(The Netherlands in 1992). Dr. Ronald Jonkman was assistant Professor at the University in Hamburg (Germany) from 1994-1998.
Since 1998 he works in his private office in Roosendaal and Papendrecht (The Netherlands). Besides that he also works in an office in Hamburg (Germany) and Kralendijk (Dutch Antilles).
Recently started as an Associate Professor, leading the department of orthodontics at the Erasmus University Medical Centre in Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
Since 1987 Dr. Jonkman has been lecturing and providing hands on courses on various topics. However, since 2001 Dr. Jonkman has primary been lecturing on “Invisible Orthodontic Techniques” throughout The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Denmark. 
Leandro Fernandez (Spania) Dr. Fernandez completed his PhD and his specialty training in Orthodontics in Valencia in 1997.
He is currently in private practice in Malaga, where has been working with low friction brackets systems since 1997 and with Incognito since 2008.
During 2010 attended a unique continuous education program on Incognito technique in Bad Essen (Germany) given by Dr. Wiechmann.
Has lectured extensively in Spain, Europe, Middle East and Latin America and is the author of several national and international articles on topics above. Actually is visiting professor at the postgraduate lingual orthodontic programs of the Universities of Valencia (Spain) and Basel (Switzerland). 
Sreeram Kumar (Nederland)Dr. Screeram Kumar, BDS MS (Orthodontics)
Han er utdannet kjeveortoped og jobber til daglig ved Align Technology sitt europeiske hovedkontor i Amsterdam.
Her jobber han som klinisk rådgiver. Kjeveortopeder over hele Europa mottar rådgivning rundt ulike typer behandlinger med Invisalign.
Han har ledet og gjennomført svært mange Study Clubs i Skandinavia, Øst-Europa og Benelux.
Som klinisk rådgiver i Align Technology har studert mer enn 2000 ulike kasus. 
Ann John (England) Ann John. Managing Director , J J Thompson
Joined J J Thompson Ltd. in 1984, one of the first female technicians in the laboratory. Worked at the bench, represented J J Thompson and Eurodontic in the UK and travelled and trained all over Europe to maintain the labs cutting edge reputation in materials and techniques.
In 2009 she took on a full time management position. She became Managing Director of both companies in 2010 when Paul Thompson retired, she then took over his role representing the company in Norway.
During 2012- 2013 she oversaw the extending of the laboratory to add another 2000 sq ft of manufacturing space, which they needed for an I.T. department fully equipped with 3D scanners and 3D printers. They now employ 42 people and manufacture 1200 + appliances a week.  

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